[nemaf2021]The 21th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival_Final Entry Form

1. Information

Title(Original) *
Title(English) *
Director's name(Original) *
Director's name(English) *
Country *
Production Year *
Color *
Running Time *
00min 00sec
Genres *
Please state the genre you think of your work, not necessarily existing universal genre names. It can be more than one.
Original Language *
Dialogue List_Link(if a work has a dialogue)
Subtitled Language If the work has a non-English dialogue, it should be subtitled in English.
Premiere *
Synopsis *
150-200 words in English
Director's Statement *
250-300 words in English
Director Introduction *
150-200 words in English.(We reveal that if the number of letters exceeds, it may be edited randomly during the editing process).
Theme Tags *
(example: #family, #gender, #city, #mourning, #history, etc.)
Preview Screener *
*if a preview link has a password, please write down both link address and password.
Screening Print_Server or link available * Preferred format to choose one : .mov : Apple Pro Res 422 HQ (1920x1080) / .mp4 : H264 (1920x1080)
30sec. Trailer_Link *
Images from the film 1 (minimum 300 dpi)_Link *
One image of the director(s) (minimum 300 dpi)_Link *
Promotional video_Link (except for non-promotional works) Only for works that have agreed to publicity activities at the Seoul International New Media Festival, the festival will randomly edit the work within 10%, within 3 minutes and use it for official promotion. If there is a promotional video within 1-3 minutes of the final screening, we would appreciate it if you submit it with the final screening.
Low-capacity screener_Link (except for non-agreeable works using archive) Directors who have agreed to use the Seoul International New Media Festival archives would also appreciate sending a low-capacity screener file of selected works.
work photo *

2. Additional Information

Past screenings / Awards
Fill in as appropriate
Credits(sound, music, art, script, etc.)
Fill in as appropriate
Original Format *
Aspect Ratio *
Frame *
System *
Director's Photo *

3. Contact

Contact Person *
Tel. *
E-mail *

4. Permits

Do you agree to edit and utilize 10% of this work within 3 minutes for the purpose of promoting Nema *
Do you agree that this work will be included in the domestic and international tour screening? *
Do you agree that this work will be utilized for non-profit purposes such as storage, education? * We will replace this questionnaire without completing the Archive Agreement.
If this work is elected and exhibited/screened at Nemaf, do you agree to be distributed by I-Gong? * We will replace this questionnaire without completing a distribution agreement.
Signature (Replaced by statement)*** *
I (Submitter) confirm that all of above contents are true, and officialy submit to the Competition Section, "Glocal Propose" of the 20th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival.

5. Statics

Age * For the statistics of the number of participants in neMaf, please cooperate in filling out the following information. We would like to use your information only for policies that do not exist in alternative visual arts. By utilizing the submitter's database, we can implement policies for alternative visual arts, and we can actually implement policy measures that artists need. For implementation, we want to collect databases from this year. It will be used only for cultural research and cultural policies. We hereby announce that the security responsibility for this matter lies with iGong, Visual Culture Factory, and the executive committee of the Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival.

Privacy Policy

Information to be collected and method of collection
ο Personal Information to be Collected : Title, Artist's Name, RT, Proudction Year, Production Country, Genres, Email, Address, Distribution
ο Method of Collection : Website

Use of Collected Information
ο Submitters management and identification

ο To practice transparent judge for the 19th Seoul Internatioanl NewMedia Festival

Period for Retention and Use of Perosnal Information

ο Seoul International NewMedia Festival destructs the information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without dealy.

※ 2019 NeMaf Submission Regulations※

1. Organization
Seoul International NewMedia Festival is hosted and organized by iGong, Visual Culture Factory. .

2. Purpose
Seoul International NewMedia Festival with the mission including human rights, gender, and art sensitivities enthusiastically introduces to the public diversities of arts in which articulate flavors, creativities and experimental spirits of the individuals. Furthermore, we expect the convergence of video & media culture and the expansion of its limits through new mediums of films, video arts and exhibit works.

3. Festival Period
The 19th Seoul International NewMedia Festival will be held from 15th August to 24th August, 2019.

4. Programs
The programs of Seoul International NewMedia Festival are mainly divided into screening section and exhibition section. The specific classifications are as below. But it may change according to the festival condition.

■ Screening Section
   1) Competition: Korea Propose / Glocal Propose
   2) NewMedia Alternative Cinema (Non-competition)
   3) Alternative GenreBR>    4) Special Screenings (Retrospective, etc.)
   5) Theme Screening
■ Exhibition Section
   1) Competition: Glocal Propose X
   2) Alternative Genre: Virtual Reality Art X
   3) Theme Exhibition

5. Qualifications for Entry
  ■ Common Qualifications
   1)Submissions of the works for competition section of Seoul International NewMedia Festival must be completed after January 2017.
    2)For exhibition section, we only accept the works created by the artists who reside in South Korea, regardless of nationality.
   3)The submitters must prepare the preview as an online screener, specify the password in the entry form and submit the completed entry form before the deadline (April 14th, 2019).
    4)The preview screener must be identical or the same version with the final screening version.
    5)In case of submissions of several works, submitters must fill out the form for each one.
   6)The work must be subtitled in English or Korean unless the dialogue is in Korean or English.

 ■ Screening
   1)Seoul International NewMedia Festival accepts feature or short films regardless of genres such as alternative, experimental, animations, documentary, dance film. Found footage film, etc.
    2) It is based on the screening time of features and shorts: the length of a feature film is 60minutes, or more, and the length of a short film is 60 minutes or less.

 ■ Exhibition
    1)The Festival provides an exhibition venue of 10㎡ for each work.
    2)All the facilities and equipment should be prepared by the artists. And the artist is responsible for the installation and de-installation for the works for exhibition.
6. Selection
1) All entries for Seoul International NewMedia Festival will be examined by judges who will be selected by the festival. And only the selected films will be notified individually to the submitters after judges make their final decision.
2) Selections of Korean Propose and Glocal Propose will be announced at festival website on May 2019. br> 3) Competition winners will be determined by the judges of each section during the festival, and the audience awards will be determined by audience jury committee.

7. Award
1) Awards of Seoul International NewMedia Festival are as below
    - Best Korean Propose: KRW 3,000,000
    - Best Korean Propose X: KRW 3,000,000
    - Best Glocal Propose: KRW 2,000,000
    - Audience Jury Award (Cinema) : KRW 1,000,000
    - Audience Jury Award (Exhibition) : KRW 1,000,000
2) 모든 시상 내역과 명칭 및 상금규모는 페스티벌 사정에 따라 변경될 수 있다.
3) 한 부문에 공동 수상작이 있을 경우 상금을 절반으로 나누어 각 작품에 지급한다.

8. Submission of Documentation/Promotional Materials
■ Common Materials
1) Required Basic Materials
    a. All the entrants of the selected screening/exhibition are required to submit additional materials. These materials must be submitted before the date indicated by the festival. (※ A complete list of required materials will be individually provided later via e-mail.))
    b. The submitted materials are used as catalog and promotion materials of the Seoul International NewMedia Festival.

2) Subtitles
    a. Once a work is selected, the works in any language other than Korean or English must be provided with Korean or English subtitles.
    b. The work should be subtitled as below:
    - Korean language: English subtitle
    - Korean language + English language: English subtitle + Korean subtitle
    - Korean language + other non-English language: English subtitle + Korean/English subtitle

■ Screening
1) Submission of Print
    a. The submitter of the selected films must submit both low-sized screener file and the final print in the requested format by the indicated date to Seoul International NewMedia Festival.
    b. The final print could be submitted either online or DHL. The shipping instruction will be notified individually to the selected submitters via e-mail.
    c. In case of a submitter agrees with festival promotion regulation, Seoul International NewMedia Festival uses an excerpt from the applicable work not exceeding 3 minutes (10% of the running time) for promotional purposes. If the submitter has a promotional video of the selected work for Seoul International NewMedia Festival, it had better submit it with the final print.

■ Exhibition
1) Submission of the Work
    a. The submitters of the selected films must submit both low-sized screener file and the final print in the requested format by the indicated date to Seoul International NewMedia Festival.     b. The final work can be submitted either online or mail. If a submitter will use mail, please send it to the address below:
        → Seoul International NewMedia Festival Exhibition Office
        (04050) B1, 53, Wausan-ro 35-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
        email: curator3@igong.org tel: 02-337-2873

    c. 서울국제뉴미디어페스티벌의 홍보 활동에 동의한 작품에 한하여 페스티벌 측은 해당 작품을 10%, 3분 이내 분량으로 임의 편집?제작하여 프로모션 및 공식 홍보에 사용할 수 있다. 단, 출품자에게 상영이 확정된 작품의 1-3분 이내의 홍보영상 (퍼포먼스/설치 등의 경우 홍보 용도로 쓰일 수 있는 기록영상으로 대체)이 있는 있는 경우 최종 상영본과 함께 제출한다.

9. Presentation of the Film & Media after the Festival
1) All selected works of Seoul International NewMedia Festival will be kept at the archives which is run by Seoul International NewMedia Festival only for research and educational purposes. In case of refusal to adhere to festival regulations, the work will be excluded from the list of archives.
2) After the festival, the screening/ exhibition works of Seoul International NewMedia Festival can be shown again for only educational and non-profit purposes at “NeMaf Glocal Tour” run by the Seoul International NewMedia Festival. In case of refusal from the exhibitor, the work will be excluded from the list of “NeMaf Glocal Tour” and in case of approval from the exhibitor, the festival should obtain screening permission by copyright holder.
3) Only the works agreed with NeMaf Archive are going to have the preferential right to be recommended and introduced to invitation screenings from other international or domestic festivals.

10. Agreement
1) The regulations above take effect with the submission of a completed entry form signed by the director, producer, agent or domestic distributor of the work.
2) Seoul International NewMedia Festival reserves the right to decide upon matters not discussed in the above regulations.